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Spitfire Coffee


Spitfire Coffee opened in 2013 as one of the first specialty coffee shops in New Orleans. Since then, the "Third Wave" has cascaded over New Orleans' neighborhoods with a number of amazing coffee shops opening across town.

We are a proud Multi-Roaster, carrying a smattering of the greatest coffees the country has to offer. We feel that the coffee world is in the throws of a revolution, therefore we write everything in pencil, always trying to improve upon yesterday.

Right now we present our coffees as Espresso, Cold Brew, and V60 Pour-overs. We take our time to ensure every drink we make represents the painstaking effort of the farmers, pickers, and roasters that have gone into every bean on our shelves. We hope you have the patience for a few extra minutes to fully enjoy each cup.

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We are a 250 sq ft walk-in closet in the middle of the French Quarter with seating for 4. We make the most out of our space, but we can not accommodate large parties or book signings or performances. Sorry.